speedfusion not connecting to 5ghz T-Mobile wifi as WAN

so i can run speedfusion with a cell & wifi as wan 2.4 but it doesn’t ever seem to support the 5ghz wifi as wan when i’m picking up my tmobile hostpot (screenshots below). any thoughts as to why this is? i’ve read that some say that the 2 wifi as wan connections cannot be bonded without the vpn, however when i disable the 2.4 (which does work) and try to only enable the cell & 5ghz, its doesn’t work.

i’d prefer to have the tmobile hotspot picked up since it has faster speeds. the 2.4 is verizon and where i’m at currently, isnt as fast.

another aside on this: my tmobile hotspot doesnt appear on 2.4 for some reason even if i change the settings on my phone.

below is when i have 3 cell connections

  • cell is data only sim; AT&T
  • wifi wan 2.4 is hotspot from Verizon
  • wifi wan 5 is hotspot from T-Mobile

only the 2.4 seems to ‘bond’ in the speed fusion for some reason.

i was able to get the 5ghz connected but only by using another source. so it seems that the issue is with T-Mobile only (hotspot). Anyone running into this issue? (updating title to reflect the latest info)


Would you please open a ticket and allow support team to check on this ?

It would be interest for us to check whether T-Mobile hotspot is blocking the traffics by ports or other reason. Support team can run packet capture tool from your device to confirm this.

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Ticket #22010993

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I ran into T-Mobile 5G hotspot blocking UDP ports (unsure whether intentionally or due to bug). I was able to get the hotspot to participate in the SpeedFusion tunnel by enabling the experimental TCP SpeedFusion setting instead of the UDP default. Unknown how much worse TCP makes the tunnel instead of UDP.

@Nick_M How did you do that?