SpeedFusion: multiple devices per side of tunnel


Could a customer use two HD4s on the same SpeedFusion Tunnel while attempting to go to a Balance or FusionHub?

The purpose for this request would be greater bandwidth bonding. Their site wants 8 LTE ‘pipes’ instead of the 4 of a single HD4.

I suppose this request starts to get into EPX territory. But the question of multiple physical devices on one side of a SpeedFusion tunnel is unfamiliar to me.

Looking forward to any feedback. Thanks all!


The HD4 will build the SpeedFusion tunnel separately to the Balance or FusionHub. You can’t make both HD4 to use the same tunnel. I think EPX is the choice if you need to have a same SpeedFusion tunnel with 8 cellulars.


How about connecting the first HD4’s LAN port with 4 ethernet cables to the 4 WAN port of second HD4. Then form a SpeedFusion tunnel on the second HD4 to Balance? I remember seeing similar configuration in one of the partner event.


Steve wrote a post about it: active / active config. It requires additional WAN port activation license.


Thank you TK!


Thanks JakubN too!