SpeedFusion: Link failure detection time

I’ve been testing various failover healthcheck levels for SpeedFusion and trying to determine bandwidth usage for each. While your mileage may vary. Here’s a ballpark of what I think you can expect. My tests were conducted with 2 active cellular connections.

I think the healthcheck overheads are as follows… for each SF tunnel you have configured.
Extreme - 1GB a day (30GB/month)
Faster - 250MB per day (7.5GB/month)
Fast - 80MB per day (2.4GB/month)

or Stated another way…
Extreme - 500MB per active link per tunnel
Faster - 125MB per active link per tunnel
Fast - 40MB per active link per tunnel

I’m sure its actually more complicated than this, but I figured publishing ballpark figures would help in predicting bandwidth usage and making decisions in this area of the config.

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