SpeedFusion L2+L3 Two tunnels to 2 Edge


Hello i want to config one sf tunnel to from pl380A in layer 3 to pl580
And the second Sf in layer 2 mode from pl380A to pl380b can it work ?
because i have far site that connect to hq in layer3 mode
and i want to make Dr Site to another site with another peplink but in layer 2
can i config in layer 2 same ip dg lan
in both sides to peplinks or i need to config dg in site 1
and in second site 2 ?


Network diagram please - with IP addressing examples.


can i do this ?


Yes but the needs to be a separate VLAN and the two B580s need to be configured with unique subsets on their untagged /primary networks.
Then the tunnel to the DR B580 needs a higher metric (ie 20)

That way both L3 VPN tunnels will come up, traffic will be routed via the primary HQ B580 as it has a lower metric until it is unavailable in which case traffic will go via the DR site. Then when the primary comes back, traffic will re route via it as it has a lower metric.