Speedfusion issue in connecting multiple profiles


I have an established speedfusion VPN working fine with peplink 580 and peplink 710 which uses 2 WANs each for this profile. (connection mapping to remote 2 WAN).
I have 5 WAN connections with public static IP in both peplinks. Still I have 3 WAN connections free in both peplink.
Can I create one more speedfusion VPN profile between these peplinks to uses 2 more WANS in each side?? …so that I redirect HTTP traffic through one VPN ie ( Profile A) and VOIP to the other ( Profile B)?

Peplink 580 Peplink 710
WAN1---------------------------- WAN1 Profile A is working fine
WAN2 ----------------------------WAN2

               Profile B

WAN3---------------------------- WAN3 can i create Profile B with same peplinks which is having working vpn running already ??
WAN4 --------------------------- WAN4

I tried to create profile B but the status will show "Starting " only …!!


Hello Binojjogny -

At this point it is not possible to have two SpeedFusion Tunnels connecting to the same peer.

Thanks, Mike