Speedfusion interface mapping ussue


I’m currently configuring a Speedfusion tunnel between two Balance Peplink (Site A & site B) which are both fitted with 2x internet lines and an MPLS circuit. The interface mapping is used to map the 2 MPLS circuits with each other while the internet lines are mapped to ALL.

The outcome of this setup is that on site A, one of internet lines is receiving something like 10% of what is receiving the other 2 lines (internet & MPLS).
Site A got some other speedfusion tunnels with some other sites with the same setup and the outcome is the same.
However, site A got speedfusion tunnel with remote sites with only internet lines and interface mapping is set to ALL and both internet lines a TX & RX solid traffic.

The internet lines on site A have been checked ok.

My question is, when using interface mapping, can we mix between “real” mapping interface with a remoter one and at the same time, set another interface to ALL remote ?

I hope my explanation is clear enough …
Thanks in advance for your prompt support.



Hi Frank,

Please find here for more details. We have explanation there.

Hi TK,
Thanks for your email and for sharing the KB and what is explained is exactly the setup I’m using and it works pretty well except that the RX throughput is uneven between all the circuits:

wan1 RX:1500kbps TX: 950kbps (MPLS int.)
wan2 RX:1600kbps TX: 870kbps
wan3 RX:25kbps TX:2500kbps

From the remote site, RTD to wan2 & wan3 and from its two internet circuits (diff ISP) is between 40 & 50ms …
I can’t explain why wan3 is only receiving 25kbps …

Hi Frank,

We do have algorithm to choose the best tunnel to transmit packet between SpeedFusion peer. I believe RX of WAN3 has higher latency or packet drop. Please help to open ticket for us to take closer look.

Thank you.

Hi TK,

Thanks for your prompt response.
One more question : why from time to time, in my speedfusion tunnel the latency on all the wan links is at 1ms … ?

Hi Frank,

Are you using latest firmware version?