SpeedFusion – does it matter which endpoint is used to set it up?

Sorry for the newbie question. :o
When setting up a SpeedFusion VPN connection between a headquarters building and a remote office, does it make ANY difference at all which Balance router the administrator logs into when setting it up? As I understand it, you establish a SpeedFusion connection between two Balance routers by logging into the admin console of one of them and entering the IP address(es) and Serial Number of the remote Balance router.
AFTER A SPEEDFUSION CONNECTION IS ESTABLISHED BETWEEN TWO BALANCE ROUTERS, ARE THEY 100% EQUAL PEERS? Or is the one whose console was used to establish the link sort of a “link master” in some way, for lack of a better term? Or, is it the case that once the connection is established it’s not even possible to tell which router’s console was used because both routers are truly equals at that point with regard to SpeedFusion?

Hi Ralph

For security purposes you must create a SpeedFusion link on both Peplink units. This is so that the units can verify the other unit’s serial number or Remote ID.

It is however only necessary to complete the Remote IP address\Dynamic DNS address on one unit; but if possible, complete this information on both units.

You can read more about the configuration here: http://www.peplink.com/index.php?view=faq&id=130&path=22

Thanks, Cobus. The reason I was under the impression that a SpeedFusion VPN link could be established by logging into only ONE router admin console (as long as you knew the IP address and Serial Number of the peer router) was because of what I saw in this YouTube video. The person setting up the link is shown doing it from start-to-finish with the admin console of just ONE router. However, it may be the case that the OTHER router had actually already been minimally set up by having someone type in the Serial Number of the router that we see in the video, and he simply didn’t mention that. Or, it could be the case that it WAS possible to set up a site-to-site VPN connection by using only one admin console prior to SpeedFusion. The device shown in this video doesn’t have SpeedFusion in its menu (i.e., SpeedFusion is probably newer than the device).

But based on your reply I now know that BOTH Balance devices must have the PEER device’s Serial Number entered. And although it’s possible to establish a connection by entering IP address info on just one device, the best practice is to go ahead and enter IP address info on both devices whenever possible.