SpeedFusion Connection

Can Speedfusion, operating from my BR1 in the recreational vehicle, be connected to my computer at home? I’m working on a ham radio application, RS-BA1, which requires connection between two computers…one remote with a radio attached and one base computer. The idea is to use the base computer to connect to the remote computer and use the radio. ??? If it can be done with Speedfusion,then how?

Well … yes … but … The slickest way to do what you want to do is connect your BR1 to a Peplink router at your home via PepVPN. (Peplink sometimes calls PepVPN Speed Fusion – confusing.) All Peplink routers can “talk” PepVPN – it’s not an option. You’ll be able to reach the computer hosting RA-BA1 just as if it were on the BR1’s LAN. (I don’t think RA-BA1 requires a L2 VPN but if it does PepVPN can be configured that way also.) So, basically, you’ll need a Peplink router at home QTH and a way to “get in” through one (or more) of your WAN(s). The latter means using a static IP address or using DDNS.

Make sense? If not send me a PM and I can walk you through it.

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Rick…PM coming. Don’t forget me. I’ve been researching your proposal. My current BR1-LTE is a cat 3, circa 2016. It’s been working fine on a Verizon connection, campground internet, etc. I’d like to upgrade, possibly to a MK 2. What is the disposition of the old, eminently usable, BR1-LTE?

Hi. Send me a PM, as you suggested.