SpeedFusion connection not working. Need to enter Remote Gateway address?


I’m trying to set up a SpeedFusion link between 2 Balance routers, one of which is in a Co Location data centre.

I have been provided with the following information:

Static IP address
Gateway (same as IP except for last 3 digits)


How much of this information do I need to enter into my local machine?

I’ve tried entering the IP address, as well entering the Gateway + IP addresses in the Remote IP Address / Host Names (Optional) box (on two lines) but it’s stuck “Getting Started”, “Creating Tunnels” and never progresses to “Established”.

I can’t think of what else to try, and any help would be much appreciated, thank you!


For anyone who’s interested, the problem was that the LAN IP range was set with the same numbers on both ends, and they need to be different to route traffic across a VPN.

e.g. / - NOT /

Thanks, @MartinLangmaid! :slight_smile:

Hello Edward, glad to hear that Martin was able to assist in resolving the issue. As always, should you have future questions/inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jarid! :slight_smile: