Speedfusion Config via IC2

Hi guys,

I’m configuring a Speedfusion link to a FusionHub solo in AWS - in the past I’ve done this manually in the webadmin of each device but I just tried it using incontrol2 and it works really well but I don’t seem to be able to access the same feature set as I can when done manually - in particular I’m looking for the ability to adjust cut-off latency and packet loss pullback per connection. Via incontrol I only seem to be able to set a latency difference.
Any ideas? Or is that just how it is?

You can set those. Click through the config wizard until you get to Profile Options, then click the show advanced settings checkbox bottom left which shows two new links Advanced Link and WAN Settings:

Under WAN settings check a device then click modify WAN settings.
Then click Show Advanced Settings and you’ll see cut off latency as an option.

However if you are playing with cellular bonding - use Dynamic Weighted Bonding option instead of manually setting cut off latency. You’ll get better results.

Ahh, there it is! Thanks Martin.

Another question - if you had a reasonable fibre WAN with low latency and relatively high bandwidth combined with some decent 4G connections with WAN Smoothing would you still recommend using Dynamic Weighted? Or is it only really a benefit for Cellular only? I’m doing some testing with the above config and it seems to be heavily favoring the best cellular connection over the fibre significantly when using Dynamic.