SpeedFusion Cloud unable to access some websites

We’ve been struggling with website access, and determined the culprit is SFC.

I manage several websites on a single server, and I could get to half of them, and not to others. I could ping by name and that was fine, ping by IP address was fine, but web access didn’t work.

Removed myself from the SFC on our Balance 20X, and all works fine.

Then my husband started complaining he couldn’t get to websites for his job, again, removed him from SFC, and all works fine.

Can someone comment on issues in SFC?

Which SFC hub site are you using? Try a different SFC site to see if there is any difference. If you can pinpoint the problem being on a certain site you could open a ticket with support on that.

Its possible that some of your work sites are blocking SFC because its being classified as a “proxy / anonymizer”. For instance, Netflix blocks SFC users from certain content within the Netflix library - but not all content. While Hulu wont even allow you to logon to their service through SFC.

Based on your description of the single server with multiple sites behaving differently it would seem unlikely that type of blocking is occurring only on certain sites on that server. However its possible… do the websites you manage have different “front-end protection”?

I manage the server with my websites, I don’t block based on proxies or anything like that, and there is nothing different in authentication or filtering from domain name A to domain name B, but I could not get to A and could get to B. As soon as I left the SFC I had no more problems.

I had my SFC connections hard set to Atlanta for a known set of IP address purposes. I’ve been using Atlanta for 6 months or more, and not had problems with it. Tuesday evening I noticed I had problems reaching certain banking sites, and thought those sites must be having problems. But then Wednesday morning I discovered that it also affected one of my sites but not the others. Leaving the SFC solved my problem.

Leaving SFC is not a permanent solution, as we have Starlink with Verizon Wireless, and although Starlink is faster, there are outages. SFC provides the consistent IP address to the word to survive switching between the 2.

I moved my SFC connections from Atlanta to Chicago and put my computers in the SFC rules again. Right now it looks like Chicago is working. When it’s not important for me to work I’ll switch back to Atlanta and see if it was a transient issue.

Thanks for the response!



If you still see the issue, please open a support ticket for Peplink support team to have a check. This will help us to further investigate the issue.


Thank you for the response. I switched back to Atlanta Dec 3, and haven’t seen any issues so far.


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