SpeedFusion Cloud supporting global remote learning and collaboration

We have found the SpeedFusion Cloud be be immensely useful in supporting remote learning. Currently, I am in a graduate program in cybersecurity and software engineering as part of Penn States World Campus. My classmates and team members are distributed globally while I am conducting my learning and research from a remote location. My challenge here is that there are no fixed line WAN connections available. We are semi-off the grid so we need a solution to access the internet over the mobile networks. Our network in this region is highly erratic. Being able to bond connection across a heterogeneous set of providers has been invaluable for my research and learning to continue seamlessly.


Hi Ralph, thank you for your case study. Is it possible to elaborate on some more details, such as the models you’re using, the type of lines/cellular connections, the amount of bandwidth you’re getting and the applications you use?

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