SpeedFusion Cloud missing config option

I was following the video to setup SpeedFusion Cloud and when he gets to this screen:

I’m missing the SpeedFusion WAN box:

even though I followed every step he took. I’m on the latest firmware. One caveat is I am connected to the internet with the HD2 box via my house LAN (cable internet) as I am also having an issue to getting my AT&T SIMs to work. If I don’t have SIMs in the HD2, would that be my problem?

It got moved to it’s own tab on the top of the page in RC3…”SpeedFusion Cloud”

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Hi, thanks for the response but I’m not seeing that option in the SpeedFusion Cloud. Is this where you mean?
Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 11.38.59 PM

Yes, that’s the new screen. I think the middle one is the equivalent option, but I haven’t seen updated instructions yet.

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Let’s see this walkthrough video on how to config SpeedFusion Cloud with new Firmware 8.1.