Speedfusion between Firmware versions


I’m in the process of planning my network upgrade to the new version 6.1.x firmware version, we are currently on Firmware 5.4.9. would this be possible to have my speedfusion connected between the different versions.
We are running the following config.

2 x Balance 710 in VRRP at my Head Office
2 x Balance 580 in VRRP at my 2nd biggest branch
2 x Balance 380 in VRRP at my 3rd Biggest branch
11 x single 310 installs at the rest of the smaller branches.

Thanx a lot.

Another thing is my Balance routers are not showing up in incontrol2, I tried registering them and getting either the message already added or device not supported.

The units will not work with InControl 2 until they are upgraded to 6.1 firmware.

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Yes, Speedfusion will work across the different versions of firmware but we always recommend they are all the same for best performance.

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Yes I cannot do all the upgrades at once, and because we are a 24/7 operation we need maximum uptime. With the peplink instructions about upgrading the software we need the Devices unlock key how would I obtain this with out it being able to connect to incontrol2.



You may open ticket here to get the unlock key provided the unit was under warranty.

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@PeterB, I see you already post the same request in another thread, that should be the right place instead of this thread.

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