Speed of MBR-1 compared to Samsung hotspot

Doing a side by side speed comparison of the MBR-1 with a older Samsung hotspot LTE speeds differ a lot. Using same SIM card in each unit and doing testing with various online speed sites the Samsung beats the hell out of the MBR-1 by almost 2:1. With the Samsung i’m getting around 8-10Mbps where as with the MBR-1 I get 3-4Mbps. What gives here? Is there any way to get better LTE transfer rates with the MBR-1? Maybe a setting(s) that I missed??

Do you have both main and aux antennas connected on the BR1?

Yes. The 2 big paddle (incoming signal) antennas as well as the smaller access point antenna are connected.

The real giggles part is that I tested the two devices at the exact same spot in house. Each device being powered down when the other was powered up of course. The Samsung has no antenna at all (it’s a tiny little box about the size of a credit card and about 3/8" thick) and yet has way better LTE down speed.

Doesn’t sound right, maybe we have a bad antenna or there is something wrong with the device itself. Please open a support ticket for further investigation: