Speed Fusion Cloud slowing down cellular connection

I am trying to set up my Pepwave to maximize upload speed. I am on the Speed Fusion Cloud free 90 days right now and intend to pay to continue, only if I can get it to work as advertised. Right now, my download and upload speed using Speed Fusion Cloud are only about 1-3 Mbps! Each service individually is faster than the bonded connection. This is without any WAN smoothing or FEC. I assume I have something set up wrong.

Can someone explain to me like I’m 5 (not tech savvy here) the right way to get the tunnels set up and assigned? The tutorials I see online seem to be for an older version of the user interface- one without a Speed Fusion Cloud tab- and trying to adapt those tutorials to what I see has given me these abysmal 1-3 Mbps up and down speeds. My speed tests have counted towards my 100 GB Speed Fusion Cloud allowance, so I guess the traffic really is going through the tunnel.

I bought the Pepwave Max Transit Duo to use as a mobile internet solution for low bandwidth areas. Specifically, I need high upload speed on a single device/application for live-streaming, and probably a middle-of-the-road speed/smoothing profile for my other devices. Right now I have two Sprint SIM cards loaded into the Pepwave- one in each modem. I am in a strong service area for Sprint right now while doing these speed tests. I have not bought my second two sims yet to fill the router.

What is your speed without Speedfusion enabled?

Was there any resolution to this issue?

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Any improvement?

Would really be great if there was a reply to this.