Specific Protocol Session Splitting

Maybe I have asked for this feature a while ago, and this is to refresh this request.
The feature goes like this: For specific protocols that allow the client to get the data from the server by specifying start byte and end byte (HTTP GET for example), I would love to see an option in the Peplink to enable this feature for those specific protocols. So, an internal user opens a session to a web server (A server supporting this feature protocol), the Peplink intercepts this request and checks if the server supports segmented data fetch, if the server does not support such data fetching method, communication will continue as normal as a single session, but if the server supports this data fetching method, then Peplink can split the single session to “n” number of sessions and spread them over all existing WAN connections for one-side-initiated “True Bandwidth Bonding”. I guess targeted protocols can be HTTP and FTP. I hope this feature can be made available as an option under “Outbound rules” so that an administrator can choose when to turn it “ON” and when to turn it “OFF”. I believe, with this feature only, some other products available on the Internet are able to provide “True Bonding” - although not always guaranteed to work.

Yes Mohamed, I can see where you are coming from, and yes we will take a closer look at this. Thanks.

Thank you Kurt,
I always thought of Peplink load balancer as a magic box, with all features targeting faster-highly-available Internet access built-in.

Thanks Mohamed, we are pretty good at what we do :slight_smile: