Specific client to wan routing balance 20/30


Looking at using a Balance 20/30 for this. I looked at a balance 305 I have with 5.x firmware didn’t see the option, I haven’t checked the other balance 305 with 6.1.x firmware yet.

I have an environment with 6-10 workstations, 3 servers, 3 NAS’. I’ll have 2 WAN connections and what I’d like to be able to do it set it up so all WAN requests go through WAN1, except for 2 workstations I want them to go through WAN2.

The main reason is the upload speed of the WAN connections is pathetic 0.8Mbps if I’m lucky so I want to dedicate 100% of the upload to one workstation that’s used in the morning and a different workstation that’s used in the evening. I’m trying to work with the ISP to see if they’ll do a custom tweak for me (default it’s 12.88Mbps down, 0.79Mbps up I’m hoping they’ll let me sacrifice some download on WAN2 and get say 7down 4 up).

I know I can do this using 2 off the shelf SOHO routers, and a combination of DHCP/static/etc to keep them on the same network but there’s other features in the Balance I’m looking at using.

What would be even more awesome is if I could put on a schedule of some sort so the above happens from 8:00am to 6:00pm and outside of those hours it goes back to the default load balancing.


With our custom outbound policy manager you can easily create rules for those two workstations to use WAN2 first using the Priority or Enforced algorithm. You could also edit the default rule or create a new one for all other users and Prioritize using WAN1.

Time-based rules have been requested many times and it is on the development roadmap, no definitive ETA yet.

Oh wow, on the 305 with the 5.x firmware I’ve used that, but totally forgot about it.