Sophos VPN over Speedfusion Bonding

Have Sophos firewall at head office and at branch offices, Sophos have a proprietary zero configuration VPN.

I want to increase reliability of branch office connectivity with bonded Speedfusion links with the branch office Sophos behind the Peplink which connects via 3 WAN links (two cellular and one fixed wireless) to AWS Fusion Hub appliance - all of this is working but…

Traffic running through the Sophos VPN which goes over the Speedfusion link is very patchy performance often a speed test will be 1 or 2 mbit
If I plug directly into the Peplink and go out to internet via the Speedfusion tunnel to Fusionhub the speeds are 30 or 50 mbit

I was thinking maybe MTU?

Ok just disabled the two cellular connections and the speeds went waaayy up.
Now getting 40 mbit each way.

Any reason the cellular would affect the speedfusion tunnel in this way?

Similar results with FE and WAN smoothing on or off.

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Open the speedfusion status graphs and do a speedtest again. Then screen grab the graphs and post here for review. You’ll likely need to tweak the cellular links.

Also enable DSL/Cable optimization in QoS.