Some strange issue with 6.3.2

Hi there

a new customer, far from me (about 1000 kms), installed 2 devices last week… both of them were on 6.3.0

I pushed the firmware upgrade to 6.3.2 via IC2 and pushed my conf file too, and configured a group SSID… so far, so good.
when devices came online for the first time, they did a firmware upgrade, rebooted but…

one of them got the configuration file and the wifi setup I set, the other one no… and there was no way to make it work until I downgraded it to 6.3.1… done that, everything is ok…

I downgraded the other device too (I prefer to have the same environment on all my devices included in a group) but really like to upgrade to the last step because of some features…

I can’t find anything useful in the event log and so I’m lost… may I suggest devs to give us a “debug mode” to catch this kind of issue? or, at least, to have something to show to peplink’s support?

in any case, what am I supposed to do now? ah, devices are in production, I have people using them, I can’t play too much


The reported problem is strange. Please open ticket for us to take closer look. Anyway, those devices are using cellular connection?

yes, both of them

I tried to reproduce the issue here, using a brand new BR1, downgrading it to 6.3.0 and resetting it to factory defaults…

powered off, created a group for it in incontrol, scheduled a firmware upgrade to 6.3.2, pushed my conf file, created a SSID in the same way I did for the other devices…

booted the device and waited… after some minutes I see it’s up and running exactly the way I expected it to run… the only difference is that this one is cable connected

I’ll open a ticket but, as I told before, I can’t play with the devices… if I download now a diagnostic report, will it be useful even if the issue happened some days ago (almost a week)?

I suspect the problem is related to the stability of the cellular connection. Please open ticket. At least we can check this out. Please help to download the Diagnostic Report asap. Hopefully, the old log was not overwritten.