Some question about accessing priority2 problem -HD2

Dear all and expert, good day to you guys, I had recently T-loan a HD2 unit from a vendor to test it before purchase, but I do encounter some problem, just wonder if you guys got this problem too, we want to set priority1 as 3G sim card, and priority2 using a satellite modem, since satellite data is expensive, that’s why we want to use it as backup devices, I have no problem set the 3G as priority1, my satellite modem do have a interface for us to access ( the interface will show us the status , signal, etc , but when I set the satellite modem as priority2, after a while like 15mins, I can no longer access the satellite from , and since the 3G is working, the priority2 will show “standby mode”, so I want to know is it because it is under priority2 / standby mode, that’s why we cannot access when it is not “in use”? we really want to access it as and when even when we are using the 3G as priority1. anyone have a clue to it? thank you!:confused:

When the Priority1 connection is active, all requests will go out this connection and your 3G service does not know how to route a request to

You should be able to create a custom outbound rule: Source Any, Destination, Enforced algorithm to the satellite connection. This should allow you to access the satellite modem even if it is in standby Priority2 mode.

thank you Tim, i will go have a try tonite !

Hi Tim

i tried that but it seems like still not working, is it because of the Priority2 is always in “stand by” ?


Basically turn the satellite connection too always on. This will allow you access to it. If you don’t want traffic sent over it, just create a outbound policy rule with the priority algorithm (source any, destination any and protocol any) that will have everything be sent out your WAN1 and then Satellite for fail over only.