[SOLVED] Low bandwidth with Balance20

Hello Everyone
I just receive my new home Peplink Balance20 bought on ebay last week. So i m a new user and maybe i m doing something wrong. Please be patient with my bad english and i hope someone will help me:)

Here is the case : I have 2 WAN connections, one with xDSL and another in 4G. Each wan acces have is own router and they are plugged on WAN 1 and WAN2 on the peplink. My desktop computer is performing the test. If i speedtest.net the 4G wan i have less than a direct test without the peplinkthe (45 Mbps plugged on the 4G routeur Huawei and 8Mbps with the peplink).

Maybe it s an issue with MTU or something else ?

xDSL Router (Max 15Mbps) => WAN1 peplink => computer 15 Mbps
4G Huawei Router (Max 45 mbps) => WAN2 peplink => computer 8 Mbps

Thank you in advance !

you should only use one router (the peplink). Your should connect the Peplink up directly to the modems.

Thanks for your answer you think i need to change isp router in modem mode ?

Yessir. The Peplink WAN link should host your public IPs. If the Peplink is behind other routers, you are doing double NAT (most likely) - which will kill performance.

Ok i understand but i think it s not possible on this routeur Huawei B315s-22 maybe i should buy and usb 4G dongle.

Other thing, i have fix part of the problem by removing an old switch on the way of the peplink.

Bandwidth is now really better (70,7 Mbps Download / 0,9 upload). It seems that the peplink doesn’t use the 4G router for upload.

Anyway thanks for your answer, next test directly in modem mode. I lll keep you informed.

You are on the right path and making good progress. Your traffic will take the path you have it configured to take. These are your outbound policies. You can set your default weighted balance to be 1 and 1 - that will balance each tcp connection to alternating WANs.

Play around with it. You will get your traffic doing exactly what you want. Welcome to the Peplink club!

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This device is amazing ! Thank you for your help.