Solution for Radio broadcasting on location

For radio-shows on location I use a hardware codec from Tieline (Tieline TLF300 Commander G3) to connect to the studio. Sometimes the internet on a location (ethernet wan) is not stable enough, even though I only need 256 kbps for my audio connection (using mpeg layer 2 or another algorithm). Is there a product that can help me make the internet more stable?

what WANs can you use? another wired WAN? cellular WAN? Wifi WAN? pick another WAN and use Speedfusion Smoothing?

we’re doing a lot with Radio and TV stations. The bandwith for live radio is not the big problem, it is the latency and the jitter.
I would recommend to contact a certified Peplink Partner to plan the right system for you - a Demosetup can help you to test the devices.
Our radio stations love all the products from the X-Series, because this devices have enough CPU power to transmit everything without increasing the latency.

Best wishes