Solarwinds - SNMP rebooted events


I’m running the firmware 6.1.0 on Load Balancer 580 with two WAN which provide internet access to my local network, this equipment is monitored by Solarwinds through SNMP v3. Since one of the internet lines has problems and the PepLink health monitor shutdown this interface on the Solarwinds show a device rebooted event:
[TABLE=“class: sw-pg-events, width: 100%”]

                                          11/12/2014 11:38 AM                     
                                         [lb-pep580-yvl rebooted at 12.11.2014 11:38:00](

instead a specif WAN interface event.

There is any kind of workaround or changes on new Firmware version to modify this events?

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Adelio Moreira


Please download Peplink’s MIB from here.

What will i do with the MIBs??? Solarwinds doesn’t allow importing MIBs just set upping new poller base on OID.

I believe Solarwinds not reading the correct event. Thus need to use our MIB. Please check with Solarwinds on this.

Is it possible provide me the MIB for SNMP v3?


MIB is working fine on all SNMP versions.