SOHO support load balancing?

I’d like spillover load balancing between Wired WAN, Wifi as WAN and Cellular. Ideally, I’d like to say “looks like the wired is down, but we never want to pull more than 3Mb/s from the Wifi so we’ll pull the rest from Cellular.” Does the Surf SOHO support load balancing or would I need to upgrade to the Max OTG or even the Max BR1 (is there a non-cellular version?). I can see that the SOHO does automatic failover but that isn’t really what I’m looking for.

The Surf SOHO does not support load balancing, only fail-over. You would need to go with a MAX OTG-U4 or a Peplink Balance router using a Surf OTG for the Wi-Fi as WAN instead.


SOHO is a fail-over only device, one active connection at a time. Same with the MAX BR1.

I would recommend the MOTG for Wired/Wi-Fi WAN functionality as well as cellular USB. This will allow you to create outbound policy rules which define how you would like traffic routed out.

Specifically, I would recommend using the Overflow Algorithm.

Load Balance Algorithms:

Thanks for the quick response. Does the MOTG U1 support Load balancing or do I need to get 4 port upgrade? Also, does the Surf SOHO support Cap aware routing? Can I specify a 5GB/month cap on one connection and set it to auto failover at that cap?

You would need the U4 upgrade in order to do load balancing and yes we support a monthly data cap and it can automatically disconnect when the cap is reached.