Soho Strange Behavior - WiFi Client List

I recently replaced my old Logitec Wireless mouse with a new one. Since the new mouse was installed, one of the phones in my home will not connect with the router. The new mouse is showing in my client list as being part of my main computer’s VLAN. The mouse receiver is plugged into a spare USB port in the main computer. The mouse is not listed as a device on my Soho WiFi VLAN. I don’t understand why the mouse should be associated with the router at all. Perhaps it is normal.

Secondly, the WiFi VLAN will not communicate with one of the cell phones in my house using firmware v8. Re-installing v7.1.2 allows both cell phones to access the router. My WiFi settings “deny all except listed”. The MAC addresses of my 2 cell phones are on this list.

Thank you,