Soho slow when using MiFi

Usong MiFi as a modem…when connected to soho the connection is vety slow
when connected tp MFi directly it is faster

why would the soho degrade the performsnce?

what do I look for?


Is the MiFi tethered to the SOHO via USB or through Wi-Fi WAN?

USB…and mifi is not broadcasting a hot spot…

Are you on an unlimited data plan?

No not a unlimited plan…

Hi Larry,

Are you connected to Surf Soho via wireless or wired connection? Any different between wireless and wired connection?

Connected WIRELESS can not connect via ired…using iPad

Hi Larry,

Please connect a PC to Soho with a wired connection to do the comparison. This allows us to narrow down the problem.

Alternatively, you may change Soho’s Wifi AP to 5GHz (AP > Settings > Wi-Fi AP Settings > Protocol = 802.11na) to confirm whether this will help.

Well…I have messed with this and now consider the soho and verizon mifi ARE NOT COMPATABLE…
What I know:
Cell signal work well…no big hangs or delays searching wem.
Mifi works well when connected to its wifi…

Soho with mifi connected via USb and mifi wifi off does NOT work and get many hangs…example…iPad connected to sofi wifi…trying to download something…will hsnge or be real slow…turn wifi off on iPad so it switches to crll…completes download

Soho is set up si the mifi is the second priority and there is no WAN wifi source, but it is searching…wonder if this is csusing problem

Time to switch to snother product I guess…

Larry, please open a support ticket for further investigation: