SOHO Scheduled Reboot


My Surf SOHO locks up regularly, 3 time last week, hard power-on fixes it for a bit. I have a support ticket open but in meantime would like to schedule a regular (say 3 a.m.) reboot. Having gone through manuals, I can’t find out whether this is possible and how to do it. Sure I’ve overlooked something - anyone any ideas please? Thanks



We’ll work with you to resolve the issue on the support ticket. However, for the benefit of others reading this, you can schedule a reboot either via InControl or from the device.

From InControl

Go to the group containing the device(s) and click Settings -> Device System Management:-


Tick the “Scheduled Reboot - Managed” box and then select the daily / weekly schedule.

You can then use the Device Selection to only apply the reboot to devices with given tags, etc.

From the Device

Go to the LAN IP address and login - you will notice the word “index” appears, delete this and everything to the right and replace with support.cgi - as shown below:-

Scroll down the page and you’ll be able to schedule a daily / weekly reboot:-



Hope this helps,



Thanks Steve - will try this tonight.


Scheduled reboot works fine - and SOHO has been rock solid for a few weeks (with daily reboot) until tonight when it locked up again, status lights solid. Power off and on worked for 10 minutes then locked up again (no access through LAN). Can’t believe it should be this flaky - 2 lockups today - and am reluctantly considering returning. Any thoughts please?


Hi Dave,

Did you also install the firmware 7.1.1? Here is a link:-