SOHO Pepwave Upgrade Options

My Cable Provider just upgraded my base rate to 150MBS. However, my Surf SOHO MK3 which is connected to my cable modem maxes out at 100MBS for a home office. What are my upgrade options that keep my Dual WIFI AP and hard wired options that I get from the SOHO router?

Looking at the product line would I insert a balance XYZ between the cable modem and my SOHO and then just route all of my ethernet cables to the balance?

If this is correct, what balance is the best option for a small at home office?


I upgraded to a Balance 20x from a surf soho. Good value. Plus you get AP controller software in the balance if/when you decide to add some APs. And has built in Cat4 modem and dual sims. But it’s also modular, in that tou can buy some faster cell modem modules (cat12, cat18). Only good if you are planning to supplement with a mobile SIM card.

You could retire the soho or use it as an AP. I tried that and it worked but not as seamless to manage as having dedicated APs managed by the Balance controller.

Speedfusion Cloud is a cool feature but not really useful if you don’t have additional WANs to use.

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I’m not sure I fully understand your goals, but a Balance One Core (i.e., the version without an integrated AP) is still reasonably priced and gets you support for up to 600Mbps…and in many respects, I prefer it to the Balance Two. More LAN ports and they are front facing.

Are you intending to use the SOHO for wifi? Or do you have other APs? And if the latter, what type of APs?

Right now I have 150Mbps coming from my modem, but the SOHO will only handle 100Mbps upstream. I would like to upgrade just the SOHO, but peplink does not have a SOHO that will handle 150Mbps upstream. So I either upgrade my router to a non-peplink device or I use something like a balance 20 or balance One Core and connect that to my modem and then connect my computers and other non-wifi devices to the Balance, and also connect my SOHO to one of the balance ports for my WIFI in the house.

Looking closer, Balance One looks like it has almost all of the same features as the SOHO MK3. Is this correct?