Soho Modem Support Version

Using firmware 6.3
Using Jetpach 6620
Modem Support Version in soho is listed as 1019… support list does not show this jetpack…

Is this correct version or what shouls I use?

Also is jetpack AC 791L supported…

Supported list is only a list for USB modems that have been tested & verified compatible with our routers and not mean that those USB modems that is not listed cannot work for the router. As long as the USB modems work well for the routers then you are good to go for the USB modem.

For latest USB modem drivers, we always recommend to upgrade the routers using the latest firmware. This will make sure all new USB modems driver is included. You can download the latest firmware by using the following following URL:

If the USB modem still not working for the latest firmware, then you may contact us and we will see about making it compatible!. For more information, please refer the URL below: