SOHO Mk3 WAN port as LAN Port

SOHO Mk3 is working very well so far, one thing I would like to request is the ability to switch the WAN port into a LAN port.

Seems like a waste to have a 5th gigabit port that can’t be used for a local device if not using for wan connectivity. From what I can tell some other Pepwave routers support switching the WAN port to LAN but that setting doesn’t seem to exist on the SOHO.



Strongly agree this is a useful feature, especially on the SOHO. The common use cases of Wifi-as-WAN and USB-for-WAN mean the WAN Ethernet port is often sitting idle.

Since you can add an un-managed switch for very little money this does not strike me as very important. If you need 6 or more Ethernet ports, you need a switch anyway.

There are a number of applications for a mobile-capable router like the SOHO. My use case is to have it inside my RV. I’d prefer not to add another device - which may require AC power rather than running on DC like my SOHO - to the mix just for one additional port.