SOHO MK3 routing traffic to WiFi as WAN or hotspots

SOHO MK3 on 8.1.1. I have two hotspots connected (Nighthawk and Mobley) and normally use them. However, at times, an RV park has WiFi available so I can use WiFi as WAN on the SOHO. I would like to be able to separate traffic. I want to be able to send my streaming devices to the hotspots but send my laptop, personal device traffic to the WiFi as WAN, since few RV parks do well with streaming.

My thoughts are to create two VLANs, one for the Hotspots and one for the WiFi as WAN. I can create DHCP reservations for any devices that connect to the SOHO so they would be on the correct VLAN for their function.

I am unsure how to direct each VLAN to the appropriate destination (hotspot or WiFi as WAN). I am sure it is simple and my networking skills have gotten rusty.



The router does not offer this feature. The Surf SOHO only supports one WAN connection at a time. Higher end Peplink routers support multiple concurrent WAN connections.

Thanks for the response.

Do the higher end routers have the capability to connect to my Mobley via a USB connection?

I am not familiar with Mobley.
All other Peplink routers support multiple concurrent WAN connections. But … they may not support WiFi as WAN at all. For example, the Balance One and Balance 20x do not support WiFi as WAN. Which routers do support Wi-Fi as WAN? Beats me, you can’t figure this out from the website. Maybe get a second Surf SOHO?

Thanks for the response.

The Mobley is a ‘hotspot’ type device that connects via USB.

I will probably keep the SOHO the way it is. I use a GL-Inet device to share a local WiFi.

Thanks again.

I’d start here …

Your situation will be interesting since Mobley was not intended for your apparent use case – although there are a lot of folks still suing them (at least for now …)

As to your interest in directing various traffic types to different WANs, as @Michael234 as pointed out, the SOHO supports fail-over but you can only use one WAN at a time. The Balance and MAX series routers may be more appropriate for your purposes.

Thanks for your response.

I have the Mobley and a Netgear Nighthawk both connected to the SOHO and they both work well. Since I already have the SOHO, I will make it work for what it is good for.