SOHO MK3 Printer Inter-VLAN Routing issue

FW 8.1.3 Bld 5030

I have successfully set up a Printer VLAN that works with a WIN10 Laptop and also an iPhone SE with various applications, by directly accessing the printer VLAN using the SSID (no LAN Ports involved). I then set up inter-VLAN routing on both the Printer VLAN and the Untagged VLAN. I can successfully print from the WIN10 laptop with SSID to the Untagged VLAN, but cannot do the same with the iPhone. Firewalls are off, as is Layer 2 isolation on both VLANs, and the printer has a fixed address with MAC on DHCP Reservation. Shutting off access by all other devices still will not allow the iPhone to print, and the iPhone cannot “see” the printer. I can return to the Printer VLAN and print with the iPhone, but not with the untagged VLAN. Log files show the iPhone acquires the untagged VLAN, and can also access the internet and perform Web searches and downloads same as always. I suppose this is really an iPhone issue, but wonder if anyone has seen this before.

Most likely this

The service network is the one with the printer and the client network the untagged VLAN

Thank you Paul. But the SOHO MK3 doesn’t seem to have Bonjour Forwarding as a feature.