Soho mark 3 / Verizon 4g USB /FIOS switching issue


I have a soho mk3. Newest firmware. Running Verizon FIOS and have no issues with that.
Also installed is a compatible Verizon usb 4g key.

I have it setup for when the FIOS goes down, it switches to the USB key.

I did a few tests and whenever I disconnect the FIOS manually (by pulling the cable), it doesn’t switch to the USB key Connection. The USB key has BOTH green lights active on the key, indicating a stable active connection.

I have everything setup as the following:

FIOS HARD WIRE, into the pepwave WAN conenction, then USB 4G key into pepwave, wireless ruckus AP plugged into the pepwave. I do not have the wireless AP of the pepwave active, as I use the ruckus.

Any help would be great.


Please open a support ticket here to allow support team to check on it. This is not a expected behavior.