SOHO: directly connected client not showing in list

I am seeing strange behavior on my SOHO MK3 8.0.2 client list: it shows all wireless clients, but only occasionally shows the one wired client (direct connect with ethernet cable). The direct connect client is a Raspberry Pi box I’m using for some network file storage. It is working fine, pings fine from the Windows command line, shows up in Windows on the wirelessly connected laptops, etc. But most of the time it does not show in the client list. When it does, it has the correct ‘wired’ icon, IP address, MAC, etc.

Is there some odd setting that would occasionally block showing the wired client in the list?

Devices only appear in the client list when the router has seen traffic going to or from it.
If the Pi doesn’t try and access the internet the SOHO wouldn’t see it and so it won’t be shown on the list until you ping it (from the router) or it tries to access the internet for updates etc.

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Ah, I see. Thank you Martin!

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