SoHo and verizon 6620 jetpack

Is this normal to have much slower speed?
When connected to the jetpack’s wifi I get as high as 23.9 Mbps download

BUT when the jetpack is used as a USB MODEM and the jetpack eifi OFF I can only get about 14.8 Mbps and many times only in the kbps range. Also seems to take a long time to connect.

I anyone usong this MiFi device teathered?

Unless I can teather I can not use my coach network based on the pepWave soho

Please open a support ticket here for the team to further check.

Beside that, may i know the use case for the SOHO ? It’s deploy in a moving coach ?

Opened ticket
Yes soho is used in coach, but only when parked.
Using mifi NOT connected to soho now but will connect when you need it

Spelling errors are its fault