SOHO & Active Portal


I purchased and installed Captive Portal for the Surf SOHO. Installed w/o a hitch! I see the Captive Portal option but I now need documentation on how to setup. All other Captive Portal documentation does not jive with the Surf SOHO & InControl screens.

Thanks all

Peplink ROCKS!



I would take a look at our knowledge base for setting up CP via IC2 or through the web admin:


Having issues, will await documentation.


Hi Robert,

Captive portal does not supported by Surf Soho. For more information, please refer to the Surf SOHO technical specifications below:

Thank You


Hi sitloongs

Hate to break the news to you but Peplinks Surf SOHO does indeed support Captive Portal.

How do I know this? I just purchased the activation key from Peplink;

Captive Portal activation on SOHO SUS-SOHO-LC-CP US$69.00 1 US$69.00

Might want to pass the word to your staff.

Such a new product support does not even know about it! LOL



I believe sitloongs was meaning to say that the Captive Portal is not a standard feature of the SOHO, but can be activated with a license purchase. Thanks!


I believe sitloongs stated “Captive portal does not supported by Surf Soho” Might want sitloongs to reply to his own post.


Awaiting supporting documentation.



Please refer to previously mentioned knowledge base link for CP support documentation. If you could clarify on what specific issues you are having with setting up CP.


Hi Robert,

Standard license doesn’t come with the Captive Portal feature. I may missed the first post that you mention you have purchased the captive portal license & installed the license. I through you have installed a Surf SOHO but can’t find the captive portal option is available. While you can found the option in userguide.

Possible please share your requirement for the captive portal and i will send you the step to step guide for the setup.

Thank You


Hi Peplink Team, is the captive portal still a required license to purchase if you would like the feature, or does it come with the SUS-SoHo standard?


It is not standard and requires a license key purchase. Thanks.