Social Wifi Fails to Load (isolated VLAN, when social wifi auth is off it works fine)

Having some challenges, and I’m sure it’s a simple solution but it is eluding me right now.

Having the problem on 2 sites, one site with a Peplink Balance 305 and 4 AP One Enterprise. 2nd Site is a Peplink Balance 580 and 3 AP One Enterprise.

There are 4 VLAN’s on each network, level 2 isolation, and separate subnets for each.

3 of the SSIDS are password protected, 1 is not with a Social Login.

The 3 password protected ones work fine!

The social login one (on it’s own VLAN, Subnet, layer 2 isolation, etc) will fail to load the social login page and fail to get any access sometimes. The times it works correctly are on newer iOS and OSX Devices and the times it doesn’t tend to be older iOS devices, Android and Windows (possibly not related at all, but it’s been consistent enough to mention it).

Turning off Social Wifi login and leaving it wide open works and all devices can connect (of course not the desired setup but did so for testing).

Open to all suggestions!


Please open a support ticket for further investigation: