SNMP returns zeros if queried more than once per second in Firmware 6.2.1

I just upgraded my Balance One from 6.1.2 to 6.2.1, and my SNMP network monitoring software which shows realtime bandwidth started behaving oddly, alternating between the actual bandwidth and zeros. E.g. if I was downloading at 100mpbs the graph would show 200mps, 0mpbs, 200mpbs, 0mpbs. It was set to update twice per second (e.g. every 0.5 second it would query SNMP data from the Balance One).

I changed the software to only update once per second, and now it behaves normally (100mbps, 100mpbs…)

Is there some sort of rate-limiting on SNMP in 6.2.1?


Possible to let us know the SNMP monitoring software used for the monitoring ?

Thank you

I’m using

I’m using PeakHour as well, and can confirm what you are seeing: when set to a display rate of every 1/2 second the PeakHour display alternates between showing 0 for both inbound and outbound speeds and the correct values.

If this appears to not be a Peplink issue at all I can report it to the PeakHour developer with the appropriate debugging output. They have been very helpful in the past getting some other PeakHour issues working for me.



We are checking on this now. We will feedback asap.

I have PeakHour set up to communicate with the Balance One using SNMP V2c.

On the balance one, SNMP port is 161, SNMPv1 is enabled, SNMPv2c is enabled. SNMPv3 and SNMP Trap are Disabled. The SNMP community name is set to “public” with a /24 allowed source network and “Read Only” access mode.


Just need to confirm the 0.5 second setting are you referring to PeakHourAPP “Display –> Settings –> Refresh –> Every 1/2 Second” ?

Thank You

That is Correct.

I don’t need every 1/2 second SNMP responses from my Balance 20, but is there any update on this observed behavior?


Hi Marty,

SNMP polling time for 0.5 seconds will be supported for outcoming firmware. Tentatively targeted for firmware version 6.3.
The enhancement for the SNMP engine for firmware version 6.2 have taken out the 0.5 second polling as this is not a common polling interval.

Thank you