SNMP not working


I am encountering problems with SNMP feature when enabled on our Peplink Balance 310 products. It just doesnt want to work with whatever version used (v1,2,3).
Im currently running firmware 5.4.4 build 1346. I have tried to enable in all our products with out any luck.

Is this a known issue?

If you need any extra info please let me know

Have you downloaded the SNMP MIB from our website? You can access the MIB, new firmware, user documentation, etc. here.

Yes im using the ones from your site.

The problem is that I cannot even walk the MIB tree for any Peplink device, thats why im asking if there is an issue with this.

Note that im not using the public community but our own.

Any info/help regarding this?

What SNMP program are you using?

Im using whatsup gold

Ron do you have any ideas regarding this?
I mean is it something that works straight forward or you have encounter problems before in the past?

I am not aware of any problems, and it should be straight forward. We received good feedback from MRTG and PRTG users. I have not heard from anyone yet that is using whatsup gold. Are there any whatsup gold users out there using our MIBs for the Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX?

I am also using whatsup gold and cannot get the mib to be recognized.

Hi. Are you able to perform walk for your device?

nope. besides whatsup gold mib walker identifying the OID as peplink, the mib walker timesout.

Thank you both for the feedback, I will look into this.

Thanks Ron

Thank you Ron!

Hi Ron,

I was able to access the device via SNMP. My question now is that I would like to get some info regarding CPU, memory, uptime, temp/fan, active sessions, etc.
It seems that this crucial info is not included in the MIB.

Please advice

We are working on enhancing the SNMP support to include additional monitors, but this is a work in progress with no definite ETA yet. Stay tuned for updates…

Thanks Ron.

I guess we need to stick with the current one. :slight_smile:

Ron can you push the process a bit?

Since it is important to everyone…

I agree with other posters in this thread. I get very limited, practically useless information using Solar Winds Orion Network Performance Monitor. While the included reports on the Peplink Balance are nice, they are very limited. It would be fantastic to be able to dump the reporting data into Solar Winds to generate much better reports, and monitor all data we need to monitor.

The developers are currently working on enhancing our SNMP support and we are committed to this. Please be patient and we will get it released as soon as we can…

Thanks everyone!