SNMP Monitoring Interruption

Dear Guys ,

Today one of the customers send me a capture from the SNMP monitoring on Peplink LAN and WAN ports , and there is something strange which I’d like to share with you for any advice.
as you can see in the below picture , there’s some gaps on the graph which I think is related to the Peplink SNMP engine Interruption for about 1 minutes. Peplink is directly connected to the SNMP server and also the same gap is not shown for other devices SNMP monitoring report. so this is related to the Peplink not the SNMP server nor the connection between them.

Device Model is : Balance 580
Firmware : 5.4.9

Please advise.


Strange. I don’t use much SNMP these days now that I have Router Utility and InControl. Anyone else spot this on SNMP?


Would you please give me the exact MIB to monitor this the 580, i need IODs to monitor the 5 Wan lines i have in the office. i have been trying several one but no luck.

----------------------- New Test -----------------------
Paessler SNMP Tester 5.1.3
14/01/2015 17:12:58 (1 ms) : Device:
14/01/2015 17:12:58 (2 ms) : SNMP V1
14/01/2015 17:12:58 (4 ms) : Custom OID .
14/01/2015 17:12:58 (7 ms) : -------
14/01/2015 17:12:58 (8 ms) : Value: No Such Name (SNMP error # 2)
14/01/2015 17:12:58 (8 ms) : Done



All MIBs can be downloaded here: