SNMP-Monitor WAN-quality and Speedfusion-Subtunnel-Quality


I am looking for a solution to monitor the quality of my WAN connections and Speedfusion-Subtunnels.

I am aware of OID, which shows, if a WAN-connection is up, but I did not find any possibility to see, if there is 50% packet-loss on a connection.

Speedfusion shows something like “loss-rate” in the GUI, but how can I monitor it externally?

Peplink offers great availability-checks, but how can I show them up externally like “loss-rate”, “check-latency”?

If this is not possible at the moment, please handle this as feature-request :slightly_smiling_face:


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Only way I have seen this done currently is using the device API where you can get number of packets received, number of packets lost, number of packets recovered by FEC, out of order packets etc.

This is per tunnel, per wan. There is no solution for this using SNMP.

In fw8.1.0 there is Netflow support which should also help.

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Let me read this back to you so I can check, you want to monitor all wan links on all deployed Peplinks is that right? With single page visibility? And you already have a monitoring tool you want to use? Have you looked at SNMP and the peplink custom MIBS?

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PRTG can monitor a lot of the Peplink-Stuff:

Create Custom SNMP Advanced Sensor with the following Channels: - WAN1 Quality - WAN2 Quality - WAN3 Quality

Create Interface Bandwith Sensors

What I wrote in the first post, is that there is no possiblity to monitor the “sub-channels” of a speedfusion-tunnel. WAN-monitoring is possible, but limited.

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