Snmp doesnt work

hello support

i have existing cacti server which my existing cisco switches and mikrotik router work without any problem but when i setup in peplink doesn’t work is there something missing?


port 161
snmpv1: enable
trap: enable
snmp trap community: testing
trap server: <<< my cacti server

hostname/ipaddress: public ip of peplink WAN1
snmp community: testing
snmp version: 1

You can download the private MIBs here.


is there any manual how to load in pep balance? i mean which directory to load the files.


Hi toiletbowl,

  1. Cacti server is communicating with Balance router via WAN1 with public IP. So the SNMP communication is via the internet between these 2 devices. However, SNMP Trap Server configured on Balance router is a private IP Any reason you are using private IP instead of public IP? I doubt this is working.

  2. You may need to check with Cacti if you are referring to load Peplink MIB into Cacti.

Thank you.

hello liew

the cacti server is which is need to configure in balance and point to that address .

Hi toiletbowl,

Understood. Based on my understanding, Cacti server and Balance router are communicating via the internet (with public IP based on your explanation). However, you are configured as SNMP Trap Server in Balance router. So I don’t think IP is reachable via the internet.