SMTP forwarding through speedfusion

When we want to configure SMTP forwarding, only interfaces are available in the list today, not speedfusion.

This is problematic because we offer to our customer a smtp service independent of the access used, we have whitelisted our internal ip address an just send traffic through the tunnel to our server.

This requires that every time a new construction site or a new customer starts, the printers are reconfigured to change the old smtp server. It a big part of our support tickets today. We would like to use the service forwarding to change the smtp server and send it all to SF.

It also makes a lot of sense for companies hosting internally a smtp server, the only way to reach it is via the intranet aka the SF…

Thanks !

This is possible. Please find the attached below.

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Ok this means that we must absolutely have a non-NATed SFusion tunnel and have the server in the range of the declared subnet.

We will try this. Thx

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