Small-office VPN solution?

I’m looking for a small-office solution which’ll support a single remote PC (me) making a VPN connection to a small business office (my customer). The customer currently has a Cisco RV220 which has proven to be notoriously unreliable.

My site has a Balance 20 as it’s router, however there’s no desire to make a permanent VPN connection between my office and the customer office as I only do occasional work on their systems.

From what I’ve read, the Peplink solutions are more aimed at connecting network-to-networks using a hardware solution as opposed to what I need which is a single remote PC connecting to a network.

Does Peplink sell a solution that’ll work in this situation?

Peplink Balance supports PPTP VPN server. so you can enable this feature and establish a VPN from your remote pc to the Peplink router and access the network whenever needed.


I can see where I can enable a PPTP Server - what’s needed on the client side to make this work?

On the client side you need to create a PPTP VPN on the windows. that’s all.

That’s under Networking - “set up a dial-up or VPN connect to your workplace”?

That’s right :slight_smile: