Slow SFC bonding on 310 5G


I have SFC setup with 3 cellular connections, each with priority 1, I have tried each outbound policy algorithm and no matter what settings I try, I get nowhere near the sum of my connections minus 19%. I’ve spend days looking on YouTube and on here trying to find what I’m doing wrong but to no avail. Can anyone help please?

I thought this was the correct Outbound policy but I get Speedtest results like this.

Here are one user’s threads on the topic:

and another user’s

In summary, in those cases it seemed to be a hardware limitation, where CPU/hardware was getting maxed out. They weren’t on the 310 5G though could be good to reference and gain familiarity.

Thanks, I have seen some of those so was aware others have had problems.

Think I’ll get in contact with my distributor.

Just to be sure I’m not missing anything, with SFC enabled and datacenter VPN host location set, setting each WAN connection to priority 1, creating the outbound policy as above, I should be good to go?

I have found that when using Speedfusion that the “Dynamic Weighted Bonding” can negatively impact throughput.

Got to the Support page https://routerIP/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi

Then click “SpeedFusion Cloud Traffic Distribution Mode”

Then click into the SFC profile and ensure that the distribution mode is set to “Bonding”.

Thanks, mine was already set to bonding.

I had a lengthy phone call with the Distributor who had a look with teamviewer. He couldn’t find any config issues and suggested the Peplink SFC server (London) could be slow and I should raise a ticket with support. I tried Paris and Amsterdam without any improvement. They are hopefully going to arrange a trial of their hosted fusion hub but considering I have a year of Peplink SFC with 2.5 tb of data included with the purchase of my 310 5G, I’d feel pretty miffed if I had to shell out more money.

From the graphs you have a couple of environmental issues visible.

Cellular 1 has bad buffer management on upload. When saturated, the buffers fill and latency rises. You can see that spikes to over 2 secs of latency on upload.

Two ways to alleviate the effects of that, set a cut off latency on the cellular WAN or use dynamic weighted bonding.

Both cell1 and cell2 are showing packet loss even when the links are unused.

Cell 2 shows latency rising (1.5secs) on download which is unusual.

I would try dynamic weighted bonding as the first step to see if it can react to the latency spikes and mitigate for them.

Also. Your speedtest in the OP shows 0% packet loss, but the graphs show lots of packet loss across your links - so SpeedFusion is doing a great job here providing you with a quality connection… I just think it needs tuning to help improve throughput which is being trashed by the latency issues…