Slow max transit cat 18 speeds

Just received my single cat 18 max transit to replace my mofi router thinking I’d get way better speeds. I’m new to peplink stuff so maybe there is a setting i need to adjust but heres the issue. I have the current firmware using at&t and the peplink will be lte-a on bands 2-2-12-30 and only do between 30-40mbs download. Now my mofi connected using the same sim on band 2 aggregated to band 2 will do downlaod speeds of 45-55mbs. Signal strength is excellent, actually shows better using the peplink and external poynting antenna. I’m also not using any speedfusion or vpn services. Shouldn’t my speeds be at least twice as fast if I’m connected to two extra bands compared to my cat 6 mofi router.

Just figured i’d update, i went ahead and just returned this product after 2 days of getting nowhere with getting the router to perform as advertised or expected. I tried two different sim with two different carriers and both showed the same results when compared to the mofi router with cat 6 modem. Now one could argue results will vary based on several factors including the actual plan, service towers capabilities or any other network policy. But to me there is no reason this router should put out slower speeds especially for the price you pay. I’m sure there’s a place for this router and it will work as expected in certain areas of the world but i would say to anyone looking to upgrade from a cat 6 lte router thinking they will drastically see a improvement in speeds to save your money.

Sorry to hear it didnt work out. I routinely achieve over 100Mb down using the same hardware. Previously I used CAT6 and couldnt touch the speeds I see now.

I noticed the bands you mentioned are 2-2-12-30, this isnt exactly the ideal. Your really only tapping into 3bands. This tower probably is not really capable to leveraging the maximum speeds of your cat18 max tranisit.

Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. I hope you find a modem, antennas, and a carrier that will give you the performance you need.

My own personal experience… (AT&T)
Cat6 - 80Mbps day / 96Mbps at night
Cat18 - 95Mbps day / 130-160Mbps at night

Same location T-Mobile signal gives me 1-10Mbps day and 55-65Mbps at night.

So Carrier is 1 factor.
Antennas are another big factor. Check out the performance chart on this page. A $40 antenna beat expensive ones. So playing with location location location is important in the antenna world. I see the best results when I can achieve antenna separation for better MIMO. :slight_smile:

The antennas used was a poynting xpol2-5g. The reception is -78db for bands 2 and 12 and -84db band 30. To me it just doesn’t make sense how you would lose speed when doing 4x ca compare to 2x ca. I tried every combination available (ie: single band lock, 2x ca, 3x ca) and couldn’t get speeds over my mofi. Maybe down the road i’ll purchase again when more companies roll out new spectrum but i couldn’t justify keeping it for the performance I got.