Slow internet Using Celluar Option Balance 30 LTE

Goodday Everyone,

I have 7 Peplink Balance 30 LTE routers installed on my Fleet.
Using firmware version 6.3.1 Build 3138
In all the routers there are 2 umts sim cards installed.
1 for in the Netherlands.
1 for in Germany.

Because my fleet starts in Rotterdam Netherlands and ends at duisburg Germany and back again.

Our more important website use the UMTS connection, because the Satelliet connection does not function 100%

On this moment the Dutch UMTS card does not function propperly and the internet is very slow.
the German UMTS Cards function great.

wat can i do to see if the problem is in the peplink router ( because o a firmware upgrade for example)

Thank you for all the assistent

  1. May I know location of the fleet when you noticed Dutch UMTS card does not function properly but German UMTS Cards function great.

  2. Please provide screenshot below when problem occurred.

In the picture you see how are fleet is coming in to the Netherlands

and here is the requested printscreen

Hmm… This is not an expected behavior. Please open ticket for us to take closer look.

Please help to enable Remote Assistance on this unit as well.

Thank you.