Slow Bonded Connection


We have recently purchased two 310 peplink devices. We have a VPN connection between two offices and one office remote desktop accross the VPN to a termainal server. We purchased the peplinks to allow for greater uptime if and when Cable or ADSL connections droppped out

We have bonded a cable and business grade ADSL connection at both ends and find the connection to be both slower and more unreliable now than ever. At most joint together the download speed is 1.5mbps upload .4mbps if you remove the bond we get much greater speed through both connections than this

Also find the device will stop downloading or uploading for a few seconds at a time before starting again which is causing the dropouts of our RDP connections

Does anyone know any settings or issues which might be causing this behaviour

Hi MarkIt,

I just want to confirm you are using our Site-to-Site VPN and not standard standard IPSec?

There could be a few reasons for this behavior, including configuration. First, let’s make sure you are using the most current firmware for the devices - 5.3.12. If you are still experiencing issues, then we will need you to start a support ticket by visiting:

We will have you upload the Diagnostic Report from both units so we can analyze. If needed, we will setup a remote assistance session for real-time troubleshooting.

Keep in mind that your throughput over the bonded VPN tunnel will be dependent on the combined upload capacity of your links on either side minus 10% for overhead. For example, if your Cable has 512k up and your ADSL also has 512k up then your throughput across the VPN will be around 900k.

Hope this makes sense.