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Is there a way to setup my Peplink 380 with a VPN to an OpenVPN appliance? I’m setting up a cloud service and using OpenVPN on the virtual side.



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Hello Luis,

Thank you for your inquiry. At this time we do not support OpenVPN with the Peplink Balance. The Balance does support IPSec Termination, we can pass through this information as well. The Balance can also act as a PPtP server for termination to a client PC as well.

I do hope this helps to clarify things Luis, please let us know if you have further questions at all.

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The Peplink Team

I would also love to configure an OpenVPN tunnel on my 390. Right now I have to start looking at OpenVPN appliances that I can put just on the LAN side right after my 390. Kind of a waste. Please consider this!

This is also our request. PPTP/L2TP and/or OpenVPN integrated into Peplink appliances is a very useful feature.

Hi guys,

Thank you all for your participation and your feedback.

We have decided to include OpenVPN support on the roadmap and it will be available by future firmware release. Please feel free to check back in a while for update.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: